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Photography is the Platform I Paint From

What's all this about?
Well, this site is part business and part pleasure. I use it as my personal portfolio for all the creative projects I work on. It is also a business tool to get more Photography jobs for resorts and vacation rentals.

Resorts and Vacation Rentals looking for new HDR Photography:
Let me help you improve your business image through Photography and new web technologies. Inside this website you will discover some clever photography techniques that can help improve your overall image and bottom line to your customer base. I offer 360º virtual tours, panoramic photos, vacation resort photography, HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography, Photoshop airbrushing work, weddings, resorts, events, concerts.... you name it, I'll take pictures of it and make it look good.

I live in a beautiful little town in the Northwest corner of the United States called Bellingham, in the state of Washington. I've been shooting photos for over 20 years and building websites for over 12. Most of my day is spent using Adobe Photoshop for building interfaces and editing photos. Read more about me here.

What's New
I've been traveling to Mexico every year to work for a small boutique resort called Costa Azul, just north of Puerto Vallarta. Many of the photos and work you see in this site will be of this place.

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Josh Clauson Flowmotion Buckethead Costa Azul Adventure Resort

Latest Art Photos

Here are a couple new pieces I have been working on in my spare time.

Grand Prismatic
Columbia Space Shuttle Launch Disaster



  Water Drop