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I'll try to keep it brief.

Preston Hall


Canon 30D
Tamron 28 - 75mm 2.8
Sigma 10-20mm 4.5
Sunex 5.6mm Fisheye
Sunex 4 stop rotator


Apple MacBook Pro 17


Adobe Photoshop CS4
Stitcher Unlimited 5.0
Pano Tools
Dreamweaver CS4
Flash CS4
Illustrator CS4
InDesign CS4

I was born in Seattle in 1972. My dad was a graphic designer for the Boeing company so I got a lot of exposure to art classes when I was young. Dad kept me busy every summer taking some random art class and this ultimately led me to graduating from Western Washington University with a Art Education degree as well as a degree in Economics, thanks to mom's business senses. Art has always been a passion of mine, doodling away in classes, making things, just trying to be creative in the things I do.

Stepping out of college, I started my own business, Cobalt Multimedia, and have never looked back since. I guess I really got lucky to graduate at a time when the web was so new and things were so basic. This gave me the opportunity to jump into a profession where there were no "experts". I was able to teach myself about search engines and how to code sites to perform well on them. Next thing I know I was doing work for people all over the world.

Now I build web pages for both National and International clients, I have spent the last ten years working with a variety of clients such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), National Forest Service, the defamed ENRON company, and a variety of small and medium size businesses throughout the world.

If you'd like to know more about me, just email. I'd love to hear from you.


Sammamish High School
Bellevue WA. 1986-1990
Focus: Photography and Photo Journalism

Bellevue Community College
Focus: Business Minor, Accounting and Photography

Western Washington University
Focus: Bachelor or Arts in Education, Minor in Economics

Owner of Cobalt Multimedia Inc: 1997- 2009



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