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HDR Photography for Hotels and Vacation Resorts

Shooting vacation resorts demands high impact photography, rich in color and inspiration to motivate would be travelers to want to visit.

HDR Photography:
Much of my work with resort photography involves shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos which produce a more natural color view that one would see in real life versus the limitations of what a single shot camera can see. As an example of this, you have probably shot a pretty sunset photo, only to see it later in print and it does not have the same dramatic color which you remember. HDR Photography solves this problem by shooting multiple exposures of the same shot and merging them together to produce a closer to "real life" photo experience.

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Sex On The Beach Costa Azul Adventure Resort
Costa Azul Adventure Resort
Playa-Escondida, Sayulita MX
Costa Azul

Costa Azul Adventure Resort Swimming Pool HDR Photo
Costa Azul Swimming Pool

Costa Azul Adventure Resort HDR Photography
Costa Azul Villa

Belagio Las Vegas Casino
Bellagio, Las Vegas

Sayulita Resort Photography
Los Del fines, Sayulita, MX

Paris Las Vegas
Paris, Las Vegas

Luxor las Vegas Resort Casino
Luxor, Las Vegas
  Water Drop